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Uw bericht is verzonden.

“ in design everything
must have a reason,
it’s pointless.. ”

“ in art it’s the same
but then
the complete
opposite .. ”

“ work hard,
work together,
and have fun!
i love it.. ”

Graduated in 2008 as crossmedia designer I started my own business Stoel de Munk. Since then my live is all about design, art & entrepreneurship. Take a look at my work and feel free to contact me!

This website shows a way how to use the golden section. Old stuff, awesome stuff..
Just snapshots of work. No long cases. Enjoy watching pics.
Mother Nature is the best designer. Will we beat her one day?
Work together so you can grow. Share your ideas and inspire.
If you want a crocodile mail me! You probably won't get one.
When you work at Stoel de Munk you’re bound to listen to the greatest music.
You can always contact me about design, brain teasers, pricing or just to tell me how you’re doing.
Make sure you become great at the things you love to do!